Start taking control of your health

Monitor and learn from your health habits to improve your quality of life and prevent diseases.

How will Medtep help you take care of your health?


Improve your habits for a better control of your health

Through Care Plans, you learn the benefits that come from following HCP’s prescriptions. Find out more about your condition and improve habits for a better quality of life.


Manage all health monitoring data in one place

All condition-related data gathered between consultations, such as medical reports, images and records, can be uploaded manually or through the most popular devices and apps.


Connect with different healthcare professionals

You choose which kind of information you want to share with your healthcare professionals.

Make the most of Medtep

  • Synchronize apps and wearables: Automatically enter any data collected through devices connecting them to Medtep’s account.
  • Share files: Reports, images and other type of files can be shared both ways.
  • Manage your information: The calendar gathers information from the platform for a better planning and management.

Our users trust Medtep

It has change my habits. Actually I have less bleeds now. It’s something I would totally recommend.

Marc S.
36 years old hemophilia patient

Thank you, this week you have saved my life. This app has just become my best friend!

Camila R.
21 years old BPD patient

It’s great feeling that someone is behind you all the time. Having access to the app at any time is a therapy itself. I just love it.

Mercedes L
49 years old BPD patient

Are you a healthcare professional?

Know how Medtep can enhance your processes and the way you communicate and monitor your patients.