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We are a digital health platform for patients and healthcare professionals to enhance monitoring using Care Plans


What makes us special?

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For those suffering from chronic and rare conditions or for those who just want to improve their quality of life, we provide treatment and prevention plans which will help them enhance their health condition.

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People with the same condition or diagnose are different but they are used to being treated the same way. Insightful and updated information allows healthcare professionals to provide personalized care.

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We unify passive and active data to present it to the patient and the healthcare professional in a meaningful way. Healthcare professionals and patients upgrade prevention and monitoring processes fostering the adoption of behavioral changes.

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What is a Care Plan and how does it work?

A Care Plan is a treatment or prevention program designed and specified by a healthcare professional for a specific patient.

Through Care Plans we aim to help people adopt behavioral changes that allow them to complete therapies, improve adherence and change their lifestyle.

Care Plans are defined by leading experts and are based on recognized standards. Our clinical studies show outcomes for Hemophilia, Asthma, Mediterranean diet, among other rare and chronic diseases and digital therapeutics.

Our clinic studies show outcomes

Hemophilia treatment compliance

Treatment compliance improved by 47% over usual treatment.

Asthma treatment compliance

The pharmacological compliance has been over 95% in active patients.

Higher weight loss in Obesity

The average weight loss using Medtep platform was 2.5 times higher than the control group under usual treatment.

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