Improve your patients’ follow-up

Enhance your role as a prescriber and evaluator by receiving the right information at the right time.

How Medtep Professionals will help you manage your patients better?

Personalization of variables

Based on standard guides, set up the variables, forms and risk levels adapted to every patient’s needs.

Adapting follow-up over time

Define personal actions depending on the patient’s current status to guide them through the understanding and improvement of their health.

Prioritize patients based on their condition

Set parameters and identify patients in order to provide an adequate care for each one.

Medtep Professionals in action

  • Individual and group statistics: Up to date stats to assess how patients are responding to the plan and identify behavioral and treatment patterns.
  • Alerts: Email alerts can be set up for changes in control level of a patient and for specific events inside a Care Plan that need an action plan.
  • Coordinated care: Under the patient’s consent, their information can be shared with other HCPs to guarantee a full care.
  • Creation of new plans: Develop new plans through Medtep’s Care Plan Builder. Interact with your patients whenever you need

Interact with your patients whenever you need

Connect with Medtep

Patients can store and view their personal record and entire medical history displayed in a user-friendly way. Patients’ awareness and compliance increase as they can better understand their health.

Use it anywhere, anytime

There is no need to install an application. Register and start using Medtep Professionals from any Internet device.

Healthcare professionals trust Medtep

Medtep Professionals has been a major leap in service to my patients, because it has changed the way I manage the results of the tests that I require from other centers or laboratories. And it is done with the maximum security.

Joima P., MD
Internal medicine

It has just simplified my daily work. Now I can check all my patients’ state spending very little time and also identify those who really need my attention.

Rubén G., PD