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When a non-profit organization like Endeavor selects you to be part of its High-Impact Entrepreneurs network, it is not only a recognition to me, but also for all the members of Medtep.

The main reason I became an entrepreneur was to change the world. For me, and the entire Medtep team, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that we’re putting out something society is benefiting from.

Medtep helps thousands of users worldwide achieve lasting behavioral changes and optimize the way healthcare professionals treat their patients through accessible and personalized care.

On the other hand, as social entrepreneurs, I believe we also have a responsibility to other entrepreneurs. Our duty is to offer them guidance and support to help them carry out their projects, because it’s important to give back to society what you have learnt as an entrepreneur, enhancing the values. That’s why I like to be actively involved in all kind of activities that many entrepreneurs associations and universities organize.

I think Endeavor and Medtep share the same principles and goals, and I feel truly honored to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Its High-Impact Entrepreneurs network will allow us to take Medtep to the next level and be more relevant in the field of digital health with the hope of enriching Endeavor’s ecosystem around the world and inspiring other entrepreneurs.

Pablo Pantaleoni

Medtep CEO & Co-Founder

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